General Information
Shipped Characters Reffo and Cxc
Length of Relationship Decem-November?
Status Besties Till All Ends
Rivals no

Crazyxreference is the pairing of Cxc and Reffo.


lol we don't keep track of them


  • The both love The Key Of Awesome.
  • They both edit The Key Of Awesome Wiki.
  • Catxcrazy made Ms. reference an admin on The Key Of Awesome Wiki.
  • They both love How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Ms. reference was the second person to sign up to keep CXC from leaving.
  • They're both obsessed with tinychat.
  • They both love another girl named Cait.
  • They always PM each other on chat.
  • They both lurve to RP.
  • Reffy loves to give Muchele cyber-hugs.
  • They follow each other on tumblr.