Muchele Kutcher
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Things that don't include Bartie
Gender: Unicorn
Age: 123456543456543
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Yellow
Birthday: A day
Height: I'm short
Weight: I'm fat
Address: Where Ashton Kutcher lives
Occupation(s): eating
Aliases: AKW, Cxc, Muchele
Things you don't need to know
Family: people
Friends: people
Relationships: lolno
Pet(s): 12 birds
Enemies: people
Things that include Bartie
Interests: Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, Bartie, oh and um, Bartie.
Education: a place
Talent: i sing and dance and act and other shit
Weaknesses: Brittana and it's stupidness
LOLOLOL I'm Hungry
First appearance: lololol
Last appearance: lolololol
Portrayer: no one (note: all credit goes to Reffoo because I stole it from her)
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Muchele Fight – Child of Two Awesome Humans.
– AK's Wife.

 – Meowgic and Moogic

Hey, GTFO, I'm taking a shower.


I'm ugly as fuck, dere. :D


i have parents and siblings

and stuff

and yah

i guess



i was born

and i was introduced to the internet

and other shit you don't need to know


uhhh it's hard to explain it Ermmmmm I like unicorns? yay

Gallery of pictures that are not meeee :DEdit

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