Gender: Pretty sure, I'm a girl.
Age: Idk :P
Birthday: June 29, you better say Happy Birthday to me loljk
Height: 4'11" I'm pretty short.
Weight: I'm pretty light.
Address: New house

Old House

Occupation(s): Dancing, acting, being lazy, eating and fangirling.
Aliases: Pikachu, Puggeh, puggles, and a name that starts with an A.
Friends: Everyone here :3
Relationships: No one, yet ;)
Enemies: Catxcrazy loljk
Worthless words
Interests: Tumblr, kpop, dancing, acting, food, SNSD, 2ne1, and food.
Education: A ghetto-ass school xD
Talent: I just said it, are you paying attention?
Weaknesses: Being to awesome
Series Information
Portrayer: MEH(note:all credits go to refe, thank chu, refe ^u^)
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Puggy ♥ – Child of Mango and Choco ♥
– Student, awesome, kpop lover, yadda yadda


Haii! I'm puggie. ^u^ I'll tell you my full name when I trust chu.

Worthless Crap about me xDEdit

  • I like food, but I think you already know that.
  • My secret obsession is The Spice Girls, which is not a secret anymore xP
  • I love kpop.
  • My favorite kpop bands is Girl's Generation, 2ne1, Shinee, BIGBANG, HelloVenus, A-Pink, Miss A, Dal Shabet, Wonder Girls, T-Ara, and Kara.
  • Um, I like pugs :3
  • I have three cats
  • I dance and act
  • I daydream, a lot.
  • I sometimes think the world would be better off without me :/
  • I love cartoons, I would name them all but there's a lot.
  • More worthless crap about me coming soon