Bobby The Unicorn
Normal Shit
Gender: Guurrll
Age: lol
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: A day
Height: 4'11"/5'0" I don remember
Weight: 98 lbs whoop
Address: >.<
Occupation(s): Being the fabulous bitch that i ammm
Aliases: Referee, Ref, Reffeh, Weffeh, Ref, Wef, Mabel, etc
Relationships: Cheondung Park (husband)
Kim kibum (ex-husband)
Andrew Garfield (ex-boyfriend)
Other Shit
Interests: Kpop, Kpop, anime, tumblr, kpop, anime, tumblr, food, kpop, oh and uh, kpop
Talent: I dunno
Weaknesses: Bitch pleeaasee

@Ms. Mabel The Man – Child of MAH MUMMY
– Weirdooo, awkward, gymnast, editor, yaoi fan, short, yep

 – I think i'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me~

Ello bitchess~