This is our epic kpop group that you are not in.


  • GRACEH: Leader, lead dancer
  • TANNERZ: Maknae, lead vocalist
  • MARIE: Lead dancer
  • NIYAH: Visual, lead vocalist
  • CXC: Lead dancer, main rapper
  • REFFERZ: MAIN vocalist
  • MANGO: Lead vocalist
  • CAIT: Lead vocalist, rapper
  • AUDREY: Lead vocalist, rapper

Sorry if I got someone's positions wrong JUST EDIT IT FOR ME.

Our FCsEdit

  • Reffy: Seto Ayumi
  • Graceyn: Seohyun
  • Mango: idk
  • Cxc: Kim Yubin
  • Nia: Byeon Jiyoung
  • Tanni: Nicole
  • Marie: idk
  • Cait: idk
  • Audrey: idk

just edit it latur

Our Top 2 BiasesEdit

  • Grace: Seohyun and Yoona
  • Nia: Lime and Yoonjo yuri stop fucking up my bias list
  • Tanni: she doesn't fucking have a bias cuz she was forced to be here is too epic for one
  • Cxc: Yoobin and Sunny
  • Reffy: Key and Taeyeon but sehun always fucks up her bias list dfghjk
  • Cait: idk
  • Audrey: Jessica and Dara
  • Marie: idk
  • Mango: Sooyoung and Taeyeon

Our Epic SubunitsEdit

  • Grace, Reffy and Tanni
  • Michelle, Grace, and Nia.

Our SongsEdit

someone else do this


  • 1,000,000 BC January 1, 2013

Our CompanyEdit

  • YG Entertainment 


  • idk nia said grace/tanni was our taeny but we probably have a lot of ships
  • people add more ships

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